Permanent expositions

Permanent expositions in The Memorial Complex of Tuskulėnai Peace Park:

  1. The Secrets of Tuskulėnai Manor

    The history of Tuskulėnai Manor is closely connected with the dramatic events of the mid-20th century. It also covers the time, ranging from the 17th century, when the bricks were fired in the kilns there, destined for the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, to the mid-19th century when Vilnius intellectuals used to gather in the manor.
    Between 1944 and 1947 the people, executed in the Vilnius environs and NKGB (MGB) prison, were secretly put to the mass graves. Among them there were fighters of the anti-Soviet-resistance movement, including their leaders, priests and others who did not comply with the Soviet totalitarian regime.

  2. Interactive game “Hands can create, and hands can destroy”

    Human hands can not only create a gem of Baroque architecture, thus fostering culture, but they are also capable of killing and digging pits in Tuskulėnai. Therefore, the fingerprints of human hands became a symbol of the exposition – hands that can both create and destroy.
    Visitors at exposition “The Secrets of Tuskulėnai Manor”, who have a try at interactive game “Hands can create, and hands can destroy”, may draw a picture on the sand that is viewable on this internet site.

  3. “Project – HOMO SOVIETICUS”

  4. Virtual exhibitions