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After the archaeological investigation of the graves and anthropological examination of the remains, discovered on the territory of Tuskulėnai Manor, had been carried out, a project of their final resting place – a chapel-columbarium – was developed. It was undertaken by a team of specialists: architects Vytautas E. Čekanauskas and Algirdas Umbrasas, architect-restorer Lina Masliukienė, sculptor Gediminas Karalius, and painter Gitenis Umbrasas. Architects Marius Šaliamoras and Jūras Balkevičius worked out a technical project and coordinated its implementation. State Enterprise “Lietuvos paminklai” laid out Tuskulėnai Peace Park and restored the buildings.

The project’s authors chose a structure in the form of a burial mound, where the remains, unearthed in Tuskulėnai, were placed on November 2nd, 2004. There the remains of 717 persons in uniform urn-style coffins were placed in the crypts; the remains of other seven persons were given over to their families and Telšiai Diocese.

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In 2009 artist Gitenis Umbrasas decorated the chapel-columbarium with artwork – vault mosaic “Trinity”, symbolising Fate, Happiness and Freedom. The artwork, made of pieces of white and yellow gold and coloured glass, is to commemorate the victims of the Soviet regime by depicting an intersection of the wings of three birds – the falcon, owl and swan. The top of the burial mound is adorned with a crown by Gediminas Karalius.

The chapel-columbarium in the Memorial Complex of Tuskulėnai Peace Park pays homage to the victims, thus immortalizing their legacy.

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Visiting hours of the Chapel-Columbarium

Admission to The Chapel-Columbarium is during the opening hours on request:

Monday–Tuesday 9:00–16:00
(Mobile: +370 646 46153 or contact the memorial complex staff: Žirmūnų str. 1F)

Wednesday–Saturday 10:00–18:00; Sunday 10:00–17:00
(Mobile: +370 646 49629 or contact the staff with regard to museum exposition “Project – HOMO SOVIETICUS”, at the address: Žirmūnų str. 1F)

Buildings of Tuskulėnai memorial park


Tuskulėnai manor house and officina

Territory of Tuskulėnai Manor and Peace park

White manor and the chapel of st. Theresa